Westside Theatre

141 17th Ave, Tauranga South

Company Overview
With a proud history of high calibre productions, we generally mount 4 shows each year, one of these is solely for the youth with our annual junior production.
Most of these productions are performed in our own
Westside Theatre on 17th Avenue. We do often also stage a 'Major' production at Baycourt Theatre.
The smaller productions are important tools within the society for growing our members. It is a smaller and safer environment for new performers, and also a great training ground for training technicians and directors.

General information
Being a non-profit organisation we run by the constitution for incorporated societies. Each year in February an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held to elect committee members who are then charged with looking after the society. The committee is made up of 11 members being President, 2 x Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 6 committee members. Each year the president, secretary, treasurer, 1 x Vice President and 3 committee members must be elected onto the committee. All members and observers are welcome to the AGM, but only current financial members, that joined prior to the 31st December the year preceeding are eligibe to cast a vote at the AGM. The Committee members are responsible for the general running of the society on behalf of the members and each take on different areas of interest and expertise. These are generally divided into subcommittees that members are then welcome to join and contribute to. On the Committee page the current committee are listed along with their subcommittees.

With a good membership that is growing every year the future looks very strong for Tauranga Musical Theatre. With an abundance of talent in the community we will continue to provide opportunities within the performing arts to both performers and backstage crew and endeavour to keep this a strong part of the Tauranga community, as well as providing entertainment to our audiences. Why not get involved in the Tauranga community, and join our community of friends – at Tauranga Musical Theatre.