Our Place

Bars, Cinema, Clothing Stores, Craft Beer, Halls & Community Centres, Live Music, Magazines, Outdoor Venues, Attractions
91 Willow St , Tauranga
027 243 7572

As the Tauranga City Council administration buildings fall, a new opportunity arises. An opportunity to create a beating heart in the space where the building once stood. An opportunity to create a place that acknowledge's history whilst looks to the future by creating a safe, vibrant and energetic space.

This temporary yet dynamic city centre project, called 'Our Place' is focused on supporting and engaging our community, so as well as providing space for local businesses, offering affordable rents to social enterprises and start-ups, our event spaces and public areas will also be available for hire for community events like meetings, fundraisers and workshops.

Our Place Tauranga will be your creative, curative hub right in the beating heart of the Tauranga CBD.
To learn more of how you can be a part of Our Place contact: