Zentangle & Other Patterns - Pottery Exhibition - Anett Pilz

Venue: The Pot House Ceramics Gallery & Studios, Tauranga South

Date: Saturday 21 May 2022

Start Time: 10:00am

End Time: 02:00pm

Age Restriction: All Ages

Free Admission

Zentangle & Other Patterns is award-winning Whakamarama-based artist Anett Pilz’ first solo exhibition.

Anett is inspired by the nature that surrounds her, ancient patterns from Asian, European, and Maori culture, as well as the patterns of the Zentangle community. She loves that many patterns have a spiritual background. Anett is renowned for her delicate decorations painted on tableware and sculptural work, many of which take over 20 hours to complete.
Anett is a trained teacher in Mathematics and Art. For many years she worked as a teacher in Germany, where she is originally from.
In 2001 Anett started taking night classes in Berlin, where she lived at the time. Since then, she has been concentrating her artistic work on pottery.
When she moved to New Zealand in 2008, she had more time to refine her hobby.
In 2009 she met the renowned potter Kelvin Falconer and took classes in his Rolling Cloud Pottery studio in Aongatete. He encouraged her to experiment with different techniques.
In 2010 Anett joined the Bethlehem Pottery Club. Here she found a lot of inspiration, help and new friends in this club. With the help of the members of the Bethlehem Pottery club she enjoys exploring new things: the chemistry of glaze, Raku-firing and experimenting with different tools and techniques.
In 2014 she took part in a decorating-workshop lead by local ceramic artist Irene Tuscer-Falconer. Since then, Anett has been drawing delicate patterns on her ceramic forms. She found her own style by applying Zentangles with a fine brush on her pots and sculptures.

Each piece that Anett creates is unique, made from stoneware, fired to a medium temperature. Many of them take over 20 hours to complete.

Opening night Friday 6th May, 5.30-7:30pm.
Anett Pilz has planned a special event for the opening night in the Pot House Gallery!
Only at the opening night can you choose your own set of colourful dishes, which Anett will then decorate for you in your favourite colours and your chosen patterns. A set of three dishes is $75. First come, first served.

Exhibition on display 7th May - 28th May 2022.

Opening hours:
10am-3pm Weekdays
10am-2pm Saturdays