This, Too, Will Pass

Venue: Historic Village, Tauranga

Date: 26 March 2020

Start Time: 09:00am

End Time: 05:00pm

Age Restriction: All Ages

We welcome you to join us to experience this exhibition in the People's Gallery - Toi ka rere.

The exhibitors are migrant women and survivors of domestic violence who express her experiences and resilience through painting.

Shakti Community Council Inc. is a non-profit organisation serving migrant and refugee women and families of Asian, African and Middle Eastern origin.

The organisation began in New Zealand when Farida Sultana and a small group of women of Asian, African and Middle Eastern descent met in 1995 to support one another and to source English language classes and driver licensing. The group grew in numbers as news about the service spread within the communities.

During conversations, it emerged that domestic violence was a major issue confronting these communities. In August 1995 the group met to discuss the establishment of a culturally specialist support service in New Zealand to serve the need for culturally sensitive assistance and support for Asian, African, and Middle Eastern women.

Awareness grew that some Asian, African and Middle Eastern women needed help in dealing with domestic and family violence. The group came across their first domestic violence case when they discovered a Middle Eastern woman who was locked in her home and had suffered severe physical and emotional abuse. She was eventually helped to flee the situation, and her case propelled the women to set up a permanent specialist support service, including the first refuge specifically for immigrant women.