The Rat Returns

Venue: Bethlehem College Performing Arts Centre, Tauranga

Date: Wednesday 02 June 2021

Start Time: 06:30pm

Age Restriction: All Ages

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Margo the rat is a very lucky rat. Her family live on a grand old farm absolutely flowing with vegetables fruits and grains. Of course, they have to collect it all themselves, but with a little hard work every day her father has become the wealthiest rat in the land and is known for helping out all the other rats in a pinch. But Margo isn’t happy. Now that they are so well off, Margo fancies herself to be better than all the other rats, and she can’t understand why she, the daughter of the richest rat in the land should have to subject herself to the elements and toil over the field, spending her days collecting the harvest for the storerooms.