Paul Darragh – Gettin’ There

Venue: Historic Village, Tauranga

Date: 26 March 2020

Start Time: 09:00am

End Time: 02:00pm

Age Restriction: All Ages

Gettin’ There highlights the importance of positivity towards yourself and others. Paul Darragh is an emerging painter and senior designer based between Matamata and Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. He has exhibited both locally and internationally having spent some time living and working in New York. This will be his first solo exhibition held in Tauranga at The Incubator Gallery.

The exhibition Gettin’ There consists of works painted while living in Brooklyn New York and chronicles
Paul’s personal journey rebuilding and restructuring his life in the wake of mounting chaos and negativity.
The narratives draw upon common human struggles of depression, debt, addiction and insecurity.
He also explores the joy and freedom of overcoming these adverse experiences.
Geometric forms and shapes embody a character forging an empathetic reaction from the viewer. A digital
sensibility is present in the work as computer aided drawing is part of Paul’s creative process. Colour and
form are manipulated to create the desired composition before executing with acrylics, airbrush and spray

Colour is an important and prominent tool within the work. Paul uses saturated bold combinations to
create visceral vibration and action. Dynamic and energetic compositions are created using linear gradients
and airbrushed shadows. This sense of movement paired with the extreme colour palette creates optical
sensations and nods to a digital interpretation of the painted surface.
The team at the Incubator are super excited to be hosting such a vibrant and moving exhibition
demonstrating how powerful art can be to the artist and the audience.
All are welcome to the opening of Gettin’ There, which promises an event flavoured with eye popping art
and music . DJ Ayesha will be spinning a soundtrack of Old School New York Rap/Funk & Soul/Disco.