Knitting, Women and Stories - An Exhibition by Constanza Briceno

Venue: The Incubator Creative Hub, Tauranga South

Date: Friday 07 May 2021

Doors Open: 09:00am

Start Time: 09:00am

End Time: 04:30pm

Age Restriction: All Ages

Free Admission

“Knitting, Women and Stories” is a colourful abstract exhibition inspired by knitting, by the action of adding to that making, by those stories told to the next generation, by those women who invest their time on each line of that blanket. Each work represents a specific woman from the artist's history.

Every painting is named after a woman, that in some way is connected to at least one other piece named after another woman, like threaded together by invisible yarn. Free dive into an intimate world of women that without being aware of it had subtly shaped Constanza's life.

Remembering moments, places, events, times… Layers of work, layers of memories, accumulation of material exposed together.

The pictorial work is made up of several layers of work, of painting, one on top of the other, allowing us to see layers of the past. Covering, erasing, showing, repeating.

Relating an accumulation of life stories, with an accumulation of execution on the canvas, an accumulation of time.

Inspired by a handwritten calligraphy notebook from her childhood, Briceno's artistic production aims to show the beauty of the mistake, to explore repetition and process. Freed from seeking perfection, Constanza creates asymmetrical structures across the canvas. In a methodical disorder, this structures often recall known landscapes and experiences.

Constanza Briceño was born in Santiago de Chile in 1979. Her work has been shown in Argentina, Chile, Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Tauranga.

In 2001, she obtained Baccalaureate degree in Art from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Since then, she has been involved in different studios, group, and solo exhibitions. She currently lives and works in Papamoa, New Zealand.