Gettin' There- Exhibition by Bemodern

Venue: The Incubator Creative Hub, Tauranga South

Date: 29 March 2020

Start Time: 09:00am

End Time: 05:00pm

Age Restriction: All Ages

This exhibition chronicles my personal journey rebuilding and restructuring my life in the wake of mounting chaos and negativity. The narratives draw upon common human struggles of depression, debt, addiction and insecurity. I also explore the joy and freedom that comes with overcoming these adverse experiences. This collection highlights the importance of positivity towards yourself and others. The visual wonderment of slowing down and tuning into the higher consciousness that surrounds us. The power that comes when you express your truth. This is a collection of seven large scale self portraits in acrylic on canvas, rendered in bright poppy colours over a three month period in Brooklyn, New York in 2016.